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Editor's note

In this era of information technologies, everyone talks about communication: scientists analyze communication mechanisms; managers, public relations specialists and advertising practitioners discuss the most effective technologies; and numerous books have revealed the secrets of impact on an addressee.

A person who has never experienced difficulties in communication and has never set oneself a goal to overcome them is hardly imaginable. All of the above aspects are united by a single area of concern: communication study, which has become a field of interdisciplinary scientific research in recent decades. Literary scholars and linguists, social and political scientists, psychologists, specialists in intercultural communication and semiotics, and an endless list of other professions, meet one another at a “communication crossroads”. The very fact that their paths do not diverge at said crossroads is significant. Communication science is available to anyone who is interested in “Homo Educandus”.

These days, communication science is not only a theory, but a set of dynamically developing discursive practices, which require scientific, as well as didactic, knowledge. For this reason, we invite the readers and authors of the journal to discuss issues related to the reality of communication which is arising and developing before our eyes. It is our hope that this journal will strengthen ties between Russian and foreign scientific centers, will generate new lines of communication research, and will stimulate the interest of young scholars to this problematics. Discussions on various approaches and scholarly traditions are always productive and contribute actively to understanding of issues important not only for the research community, but for society at large.

Communication is a social science. As it changes, we could see an entire conglomeration of trends in human evolution within a variety of social, political and economical relations. To reflect on these processes is an absolute imperative, in order to understand the ways of development of modern society. In these pages, we will discuss issues that allow us to explore new ways of understanding and to interact successfully in this modern multipolar world.


«Communication Studies» is a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on the study of communication science. The objective of this journal is to strengthen relations between Russian and foreign scientific centers, form new communicative research areas, involve young scientists in this research activity.

The journal is founded in 2014 by Dostoevsky Omsk State University and V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Quarterly journal

The journal is registered in The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information technology and Mass-Media

Registration certificate ПИ №ФС 77-59020/

The journal is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and Ulrichsweb (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory).

The journal Communication Studies is supposed to present various areas of contemporary communication studies, pragmatics, discourse analysis as well as the study of traditional and new media in Russia and abroad. Interdisciplinary studies presented in the journal will be of great asset as well.

Papers are published in Russian and English.

The Internationally-based Editorial Board invites all professionals interested in the indicated issues.

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